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I had a terrific experience with Dr Chen. After 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles I decided to do acupuncture with IVF for the next round. I knew it certainly couldn’t hurt. I was referred by a friend who was treated at Meridian while doing IVF and for her it was successful the first time. In preparation for IVF, I started seeing Dr Chen twice a week one month before starting. Dr Chen is very thorough, efficient and has an easy manner. I found the treatments very relaxing and calming. I would leave feeling centered and at peace. And in the end I didn’t have to go back for IVF. That month I got pregnant spontaneously. I was overjoyed and relieved. Did acupuncture get me pregnant? I know that acupuncture prepared my body and calmed my mind. And that certainly can only do wonders when trying to conceive. Thank you, Dr Chen.

Dr. Chen has helped us for about a year and a half. We were having trouble getting pregnant and had seen an IVF specialist. After several IVF cycles–all unsuccessful–Dr. Chen treated my wife with both herbs and acupuncture. After only two cycles of the herbs, my wife is now five months pregnant by IUI (!) and we are expecting our first child in July. Dr. Chen has also been available to answer our questions during the pregnancy. We are very excited and grateful to Dr. Chen. We are also grateful to our IVF specialist–who referred us to Meridian Medical!

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