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Dr. Chang / Brain Cancer

Posted on: October 12, 2008


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At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Oligo Astrocytoma. A partial resection was performed leaving behind10% of the tumor. Following a “wait and see” approach, four years later, recurrence followed and this time the tumor was completely removed. Thankfully, we found ourselves facing another Grade 2 but, we knew a more aggressive approach needed to be handled in dealing with this life threatening illness. While my husband and I were not comfortable doing radiation as a proactive means of treatment along with temodar (chemo), we knew we had to do something or we would be facing another brain tumor. That’s when we found Dr. Chang, who offered us very viable options. He was very respectful of my opposition to radiation and chemo and offered a non-toxic yet aggressive drug protocol which causes apoptosis or cell death of any leftover cancer cells. My MRI’s have been 100% clean and my surgeon in Boston and neuro-oncologists are pleasantly surprised. I could not have had the opportunity to be on this protocol had it not been for Dr, Chang. I only wish that I had seen him 4 years ago. We are planning to do dendritic cell therapy and possibly NDV as proactive means as well. I really enjoy going to Dr. Chang’s office and visiting Raquel and the rest of the staff. There’s never any room for “doom and gloom” associated with terminal diseases at Meridian- It’s about survivorship and feeling good. I should also mention that Dr. Chang is up to date on all the latest advances in oncology around the world and is always very excited to share positive news with me. He brings me great hope which offers promise…. [ Originally posted Jan 2007, currently remaining well without recurrence Oct 2008]

“Wonderful Doctor” [ Excerpted from Annie Appleseed Project Site]

It would be nice to include some positive patient experiences regarding Dr. Raymond Chang…

Although I was a little taken aback by his somewhat direct approach and straightforwardness, cancer patients should be reminded that he was the head of the ER at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

NOT a warm and fuzzy place to say the least- at least from my personal experiences in the brain tumor ward. When I first visited Sloan, I was told that I had 4-6 mos and was basically TERMINAL.

Dr. Chang and his German team are offering me vaccine therapy and I am doing amazingly well. EVERYDAY I BEAT the ODDS. The man offers so many of us unbelievable options.

My best friend’s baby has brain cancer also and is doing so well in part because of Dr.Raymond Chang.
Dr. Chang happens to be a wonderful doctor.


please give more info about treatment of astrocytoma brainstem tumor. what are some hopeful options? doing research for my husband. dx in april of 2009. nearing the end of a clinical trial and looking for alternative. please help!

Hello Dianne,

Not knowing anything about your husband’s case or health, it is impossible to go into a discussion of treatment. Just for treatment ideas, you are free to browse my blog on off-label cancer treatments at www. or look out for my upcoming book “Beyond Magic Bullets”. But please understand that as a licensed physician with liability from any recommendation I make, I am unable to offer you personalized advice online when your husband when he remains anonymous. If you are seriously interested in my advice in his case, please feel free to call or email for an appointment or at least a case review so I can learn more about your husband’s situation and then come up with a rational and effective plan for him (You left no email so we can’t contact you and you should call the office at 2126831221 or email me direct at Best, R

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